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  Olympic Weight Plate Sets - Cast Iron & Bumper Plates, Barbell Product Details True Iron Cast Iron Plates feature a classic, one-sided design with a deep lip...


Olympic Weight Plate Sets - Cast Iron & Bumper Plates, Barbell

Product Details

True Iron Cast Iron Plates feature a classic, one-sided design with a deep lip for easy maneuverability and a secure grip. These iron weight plates are incredibly durable; they are cast and coated with a high-quality, matte finish. With an aesthetic, raised silver lettering, these plates bring a put-together look to your home gym.

4 45lb, 4 25lb, 4 10lb, 4 5lb, = 340 set with premium quality Olympic bar 28 mm 195,000 psi 1500lb test with shipping.
Includes a free PU exercise mat in purchase.

The Old School plates are perfect for strength training and powerlifting and are the most cost-efficient way to build out your home gym. They are sold in  pairs 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, and 45lbs), as well as six different sets is 340 lb The 52mm center hole fits all standard barbells. They’re marked in both pounds and kilograms with a 3% weight tolerance.

Olympic weight plate sets and cast iron Olympic sets are essential components of any gym or home gym setup. These sets typically consist of a combination of cast iron and bumper plates, along with a sturdy barbell. Understanding the different types of weight plates and barbells available can help you choose the best set for your training needs.

Cast Iron & Bumper Plates

Cast iron plates and legacy cast iron precision milled plates are known for their durability and classic design. They are suitable for various strength training exercises and provide a traditional feel to your workouts. On the other hand, bumper plates, also known as training bumpers, are made of rubber and are preferred for Olympic lifts as they can be safely dropped without damaging the floor or the plates themselves.

Introduction to Olympic Weight Plate Sets

Olympic weight plate sets consist of different weight plates, usually in standard Olympic sizes such as 2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 25lb, and 45lb. These sets are designed to fit on Olympic barbells, which have a 2-inch sleeve diameter to accommodate the plates.

Benefits of Using Cast Iron Plates

Cast iron plates are popular for their durability and affordability. They are ideal for exercises that do not involve dropping the weights, such as bench presses and squats. The classic design of cast iron plates adds a timeless appeal to any home or commercial gym.

Advantages of Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are essential for Olympic lifting and CrossFit workouts. Their rubber construction makes them safer to drop, which is crucial for movements like snatches and clean and jerks. Bumper plates also come in vibrant colors, allowing for easy weight identification.


The barbell, especially a True Iron Barbell, is a crucial component of any weight plate set. Olympic bars are designed to be used with Olympic weight plates and have a standard length of 7 feet. It's important to choose a high-quality barbell that can withstand the weight load you'll be using during your workouts.

Understanding Olympic Bars

Olympic bars are typically made of steel and have rotating sleeves that allow the weight plates to spin freely. This feature is beneficial for exercises like cleans and snatches, where the barbell needs to rotate during the movement using an Olympic standard bar.

Choosing the Right Weight Plate Set

When selecting a weight plate set, consider factors such as your training goals, the exercises you'll be doing, and the amount of weight you'll need, including specific considerations for an Olympic plate set. It's essential to choose a set that offers a good range of weight increments to allow for progression in your strength training.

Importance of Collars and Weight Increments

Collars are used to secure the weight plates on the barbell during workouts, preventing them from sliding off. Additionally, having weight plates in various increments allows for precise adjustments in resistance levels, enabling you to fine-tune your workouts for maximum effectiveness.

Steel Olympic Plates

Steel Olympic plates are a fundamental component of any strength training regimen. These plates come in various weight increments, allowing for progressive overload to build muscle and increase strength effectively.

Exploring Different Weight Increments

When selecting steel Olympic plates, it's crucial to consider the weight increments available. Having a variety of weight options, such as 2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 25lb, and 45lb plates, provides versatility in your workouts and enables you to tailor your training program to your specific needs.

Comparison between Cast Iron and Bumper Plates

Steel Olympic plates are comparable to cast iron and bumper plates in terms of functionality. While cast iron plates are durable and classic, bumper plates offer the advantage of safe dropping, making them ideal for dynamic lifts like snatches and clean and jerks.

Investing in Quality Olympic Bars

Pairing steel Olympic plates with a high-quality Olympic barbell is essential for a well-rounded strength training setup. Olympic bars are designed to accommodate Olympic weight plates and are built to withstand heavy loads during intense workouts, ensuring durability and safety.

Setting Up Your Home Gym

Creating a functional home gym starts with organizing your Olympic plate sets and weight plate sets efficiently. Utilize storage solutions to keep your weight sets and plates organized and easily accessible, maximizing convenience during your workouts.

Incorporating Barbell Workouts

Barbell exercises, enhanced by a grip plate, are versatile and effective for building strength and muscle mass. Incorporate barbell workouts into your training routine to target multiple muscle groups and improve overall fitness levels using an Olympic plate set.

Maximizing Space Efficiency with Olympic Plates

Steel Olympic plates offer a space-efficient solution for home gyms, allowing you to achieve a challenging workout without sacrificing living space. Their compact design enables you to store and utilize the plates effectively, optimizing your workout area for iron weight storage.