Fitness and Gym Equipment For Sale in Liverpool, NY and Syracuse, NY

True iron fitness is proud to offer its customers a one of a kind health & fitness experience! We've been in the fitness industry for 22 years & pride ourselves on customer service!

Dumbbell Sets

Our Rubber hex Dumbbells are crafted with our customers use in mind. We offer a one year warranty on our rubber hex dumbbells. Experience a quality crafted Rubber hex dumbbell today. True Iron Dumbbells are sold in Set Only! Available in weights ranging from 5LB to 100LB. This standard rubber hex design is a great, budget-priced option that still delivers on quality, performance, and longevity. The heavy-duty, rubber-encased heads minimize noise and limit wear and tear (to both the bells and your flooring), while the chrome-plated handle is ergonomically designed for a firm but comfortable feel in any grip style.

Strength Equipment

True Iron Fitness has all of your strength equipment needs. We sell benches, racks, or machines. We craft our 0-90 bench with 22 years of experience in the fitness industry! All of our benches are crafted with high quality Steele and made to last!


True Iron Fitness stairclimbers are versatile and easy-to-use for all fitness levels. Get a low impact, full-body workout that burns calories and tones your entire body. Stairclimbers are a great edition to home gyms and can do the job of several machines. They are lightweight, adjustable and ready to use within minutes.


True Iron Fitness offers only the best treadmills. Get in a good run without ever having to step foot outside. Treadmills are easy-to-use, with a more predictable surface than sidewalks or trails.
Control speed, incline, how long you warm up and cool down. Design your own custom routines to fit your schedule and fitness level. One of the fastest way to burn calories in-home without the use of a gym.


True Iron Fitness offers a wide variety of Ellipticals for sale. Ellipticals are a great way to add a good valance of cardio and toning to your fitness routine. They strengthen your heart, lungs and muscles and can help build stamina and endurance. You can do both HIIT (high-intensity interval training) as well as low impact cardio workouts. Burn tons of calories, put less stress on your joints, get a good upper and lower body workout, target specific muscles, improve your balance and more! Ellipticals do it all, and True Iron Fitness has it all.

Rubber Hex Dumbbells for Home Gyms

Rubber hex dumbbells are a great addition to any workout space.

Dumbbell training has stood the test of time for good reason. Along with the versatility in weight choices for multiple athletes, a good set of bells can be used to duplicate nearly all types of barbell exercises, while also offering a wider range of single-arm, rehab-specific, and explosive movements in virtually any sized space—something not possible with bars or most weight room machines.

A must have for any home-gym!

  • Heavy-duty rubber encased heads minimize noise, floor damage, & wear/tear.

  • Easy-grip, ergonomic Chrome-Plated Handle

  • Proprietary head to handle construction ensures the head does not come loose

  • Sold in pairs or sets

    The Rubber Hex Dumbbell features durable rubber-covered heads for increased safety and comfort. The rubber coating increases durability, protects flooring and equipment, enhances appearance, diminishes noise, and is easy to clean.


    The heads are permanently affixed to a thick solid steel shaft improving the strength of the head / handle joint.


    The knurled chrome handles are ergonomically contoured to fit comfortably in the palm of the user.